Local Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License)

The Dania Beach Local Business Tax Receipt is responsible for processing applications and issuing Local Business Tax Receipts (Occupational Licenses) for all businesses conducted within the city and assuring that all new businesses comply with zoning, building and fire department requirements.

Pay Business Tax Receipts Renewal
Local Business Tax Receipt Documents: 
PDF Document Business License Application Info & Requirements
PDF Document Rental Application (Single Family or Duplex)
PDF Document Rental Application (Multi-Family 3+ Units)
PDF Document Rental Property Management Application
PDF Document * Zoning Certificate of Use Application * Application approved by Planning & Zoning

If you have any questions, please contact

Customer Service at (954) 924-6800 x3401 or email 

Quick link to Dania Beach Local Business Tax Receipt: 


Do I need a license to operate a business in the City?


Yes, a Local Business Tax Receipt is required to conduct any business.  The Local Business Tax Receipt is in addition to a county Local Business Tax Receipt.  Please contact Local Business Tax Receipt Office at 954-924-6800 x3672 regarding Local Business Tax Receipt applications.



How do I know if my business is permitted in the city?


Please contact Planning and Zoning at 954-924-6800 x3793