Social Media Policy

Dania Beach Social Media Policy


The City of Dania Beach invites you to share your thoughts and appreciates your willingness to do so. The City of Dania Beach is a Florida municipality. The goals of the City of Dania Beach Social Media Policy (the “Policy”) are:

  • To increase public awareness of the City’s programs, policies and services
  • To promote the value and importance of the City’s programs, policies and services among government officials, civic leaders, residents, business owners and the public
  • To maintain open, professional and responsive communications with members of the public and the news media

This Policy and its provisions apply to and serve as a guide to any person who wishes to share information or comments.


Users who submit content to any media of the City have read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions by virtue of such use:

  1. I am submitting content voluntarily and on my own behalf.
  2. The content I post reflects my own original thoughts or work.
  3. I understand that the City of Dania Beach has the right to re-post any comments, photos or videos that I submit on Dania Beach social media.
  4. I have read and understand the Policy, including the right of the City to remove comments for reasons listed below and I understand that any comments I make are “public records” as described below.

All comments posted on this site are considered “public records” under the Florida Public Records Law (Chapter 119, Florida Statutes) and will be made available to any person who requests them. The comments will also be archived by the City in accordance with the Public Records Law. The City will use a third-party service provider to automatically capture and retain all social media interaction on City-owned social media accounts. Any comments that are removed (see discussion regarding removal of comments below) are also considered “public records”.  Please note:  Even comments that are removed will be archived and are deemed “public records” as discussed above.

The City reserves the right to remove and deny access to any City site if access is sought by any user or users whose comments are identified by the City as inappropriate and unacceptable for display on any City social media pages, as outlined below. The City also reserves the right to discontinue any site at any time. Practical and legal considerations may sometimes constrain, prevent, or prohibit discussion of certain topics, such as but not limited to court cases, through such media.  Comments that offer thoughtful criticism of the City as an organization and City initiatives are not expected to be removed except as provided for in this Policy.

In general, individual complaints, concerns, or service requests will not be addressed via social media.  Users shall not engage in back-and-forth conversation regarding topics that are or may become complex, controversial, or otherwise sensitive.

The following comments are considered inappropriate and unacceptable by the City:

  •  Profanity or content that is abusive, threatening, inflammatory or obscene.
  •  Content that promotes, seeks to elicit or fosters violence or promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination of any kind.
  •  Spam or promotional content.
  •  Comments or posts that are off-topic, promote any personal business, interest, service or product
  • Any comment that supports, promotes or opposes any political party, person campaigning for elected office, or any ballot proposition or election item of any kind.
  • Misleading or deceptive statements or information.
  • Personal or character attacks
  • Sexual content or any links to sexual content
  • Advertisements not authorized by the City
  • Hyperlinks to third party websites unless posted by the City’s approved authorized staff users for links to partnered/sponsored organizations and bona-fide governmental agencies, or other legitimate organizations as the City deems appropriate
  • Illegal conduct or encouragement of illegal activity
  • Information that may compromise the safety or security of the City, its officials, City  employees and the public
  • Content that violates or appears to violate a legal ownership interest of any other party, such as but not limited to matters or items that are or may be subject to copyright, patent and trademark protection.