What paperwork is required?
To begin, a permit application is required. You must give us the owner's name and address; the job address; your phone number; the property folio number (Tax ID number from your tax bill); the architect's or engineer's name, address, and phone number (if one was used); the type of work being done; and the cost of the job. For structures or roofs we need the area ( in square feet). For docks, seawalls, fences and the like we need to know how long and how high (in feet). If the work is more than $2,500.00 in value, we need to know the mortgage company name and address, if it's a new loan. Most of this information is required by State law. We enforce not only local building code, but city ordinances and state and federal laws.
For electrical, plumbing or A/C permits we need to know the specifics of the work you are performing.
Any new construction outside of the existing building walls (additions, carports, sheds), as well as driveway or fence permits, requires a signed, sealed survey. You may submit only one signed, sealed original plus 2 copies, and your original will be returned to you. You also need a site plan, which shows where the new work is going to go.
Plans are required for all construction work. Plans consist of a floor plan (bird's eye) view, sections (slices through the work), and elevations (on the outside - looking in). All work which consists of new walls and or roofs (sheds included) must be certified (drawn, signed, and sealed) by an architect or engineer. Any other work can be drawn by the owner, if the job value is less than $5,000.00.
Products approvals for any doors, window shutters are also required, and they must be reviewed and signed by the architect (if one is being used).
Two copies of each item must be submitted. After the review is complete and the permit issued, we keep one set and you get the other set to keep on the job site.
If the value of the project is $2,500.00 or more, you must record a "Notice of Commencement" at the Broward County Clerk's Office. This helps protect you from paying twice for material or labor.
Some permits require somewhat different paper packages to be submitted, but that's more than we have room for here. Specialty items can be discussed with us as your needs arise.

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