How long is the review process?
When you first submit your application package, our clerks will check to see if your application form is complete, if you've gone through the outside agencies, and if your plans are basically complete. It's not for them to review the plans to see if they're complete or correct, he plans reviewers will do that.
If it's a small job, like a roof, or some electric, A/C, or plumbing work, only one inspector needs to review the application. If everything is all right, it may be ready within 3 days. But, a lot depends on how many applications have been submitted. The usual turnaround time is 3-5 days. It might be quicker, but that's a rare treat, and 3 days is a good guess of time if everything is correct on the application and plan. If not, you'll be called and told what the problems are. You then need to take it back, make the corrections, and re-submit it.
Projects such as fences, driveways, sheds and such require at least 2 inspectors review. The times and processes are similar to these outlined above.
All other construction requires review by 3 to 6 inspectors including Zoning, Fire and Public Services besides the Building Division review. If all is OK, and no corrections are necessary, turnaround is 3-6 weeks. If there are problems and corrections are necessary, the plans must be taken out, corrected, and resubmitted. Again, review time is 2-4 weeks.
When all is well and the permit application is approved, you will get a call from one of our clerks to tell you it's time to come and visit us to pickup your permit and what the cost is.

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