What do I need a permit for?
You need a permit to: build a new building; build an addition; build or install a shed; enclose a carport; convert a garage; change doors or windows; remodel the interior of the building; install a canopy; install shutters; repair or replace a roof; change or repair the electric or water service lines; install a security system; install a satellite dish (except mini-dishes); change a water heater; install ANYTHING electric that isn’t just plugged in; build a porch; build a patio; build a screen room; build a pool or spa; install a fence; pour a driveway or sidewalk; apply siding or soffit/fascia; install air conditioning equipment; install or certify a backflow preventer on your water line; add plumbing fixtures; change a sewer line.

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1. Why do I need a permit?
2. What do I need a permit for?
3. What work can I do as a homeowner?
4. Are there any other places to which I must go?
5. What paperwork is required?
6. How long is the review process?
7. What is the inspection process like?
8. What is a red tag?
9. When is the job complete?
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11. What will happen if the homeowner/contractor doesn’t get a permit?