How to Report a Water Main Break or Sewer Back Up

All water main breaks and sewer backups are considered an emergency situation. If seen, please use the form: or call Public Services during work hours at 954-924-6808 or the Water Plant Office during non-working hours at 954-924-6808 x3747 or 954-924-3747. A repair crew will be dispatched. The plant operator will contact the employee on-call to check the site, confirm a main break, service leak or back up. Once this has been determined, a water or sewer crew will be dispatched. If it is a water main break or leak, the time the water is off will be affected by many factors, including weather conditions, location of main break, size of main, type of main break, depth of main, etc.. The crew will attempt to notify all affected customers and businesses. If necessary, we will issue a “Precautionary Boil Water Notice.” It is a notification that advises customers to boil tap water used for drinking, cooking, and ice-making until tests verify the water is safe to drink by the Broward County Health Department. You will be notified again when the “Boil Water Notice” is lifted. It is not necessary to boil water for showering or other external uses. This notice will outline the necessary steps to ensure safe water consumption. In addition, The City of Dania Beach will work to have services restored as soon as possible.

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