Hiring a contractor?
Under your homeowner permit, you are entitled to do the work on your house. You can have friends and family help, but you can't hire someone to do the work. That is called "aiding and abetting" an unlicensed contractor. And, that is illegal. You can hire a licensed contractor to work for you. That person will have all the proper licensing and insurance, and will basically be a subcontractor to you. That's legal.
If some one says "You get the permit as an owner and you pay me to do the work", start running. This person may be an unlicensed contractor, and is just the kind of situation we are trying to keep you out of. Remember, when you are the permit holder, you are the one responsible for all of the work and, if there is a problem, we come after you, not the person that you hired.
Also, there is no such thing as a Handyman License. When you ask for a license, you should see a certification issued by either the State of Florida or Broward County. It will say either Certified Contractor, or Certificate of Competency. A Local Business Tax Receipt is a business tax and is NOT a license to contract.
We cannot make recommendations for contractors or other professionals. We may, on request, provide several names to you from which you may make a selection.

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