Instructions on how to attend the virtual City Commission Meetings

Public Participation for City Commission Meetings

Notice: The City of Dania Beach is currently using RingCentral Meetings to hold virtual public meetings.

RingCentral Meetings is a cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. All virtual meetings held using RingCentral Meetings will be broadcast through the usual channels and avenues that are provided when a City Commission is held in the Commission Chambers at City Hall.

Public access to this virtual meeting can be accomplished as follows:

  • Watch Meeting on the City’s YouTube Channel at
  • Watch Meeting on Comcast Cable Channel 78
  • Join the Meeting virtually or by telephone using RingCentral Meetings

Any member of the public wishing to comment publicly on any matter including on specific agenda items can do so by one of the following options:                                 

Before 2pm on the day of a meeting, comments can be submitted into to the record using the following link:

Participating in a public meeting using the video conference platform:

  • Virtual attendance: download and install RingCentral Meetings and join using the webinar ID; to be recognized during public comment, click “Raise my hand” in the software
  • Telephone attendee: dial webinar phone number and enter webinar ID; to be recognized during public comment, dial *9 to raise your hand

For more information about this City Commission meeting or submitting a public comment at the meeting, please contact:

Thomas Schneider, City Clerk

City of Dania Beach

100 W Dania Beach Boulevard

Dania Beach, FL  33004


Quasi-Judicial Proceedings (Zoning and Land Use Related City Commission Hearings)

Any member of the public wishing to make verbal comment during a meeting must pre-register to do so with the City Clerk’s office using the form found on the City’s website. This pre-registration applies to the public, and extends to the applicant and applicant’s team. Once the registration has been processed, the registrant will receive instructions for participating in the meeting. Members of the public who attend the meeting by telephone will have their line muted at all times, except when acknowledged by the Mayor to speak on a particular agenda item, and only one individual will be permitted to speak at a time. If either the applicant or a member of the public seeks to introduce documents into the record, that must be done at least five (5) days prior to the virtual public meeting, so that the City can upload the information. The City Clerk shall provide the Mayor and City Commission with the submittals prior to the hearing. All documents should be sent to the following email addresses: and In the “Subject” line of the email please address the email as “documents to be included for public hearing” and list the public hearing applicant name and property address.

On the date and at the time of the Virtual meeting, the City Attorney shall read the title of the quasi-judicial public hearing item when the Agenda item is ready to be presented. The City Attorney shall ask the City Commission to disclose any prior “ex parte” communications with any party that occurred prior to the meeting. Thereafter, the City Attorney will virtually swear in all staff persons speaking about an application as well as the applicant, applicant’s team, and any persons in the public who intend to appear by telephone, email, or “live” during the virtual feed of the video presentation during the virtual City Commission meeting. The City Attorney will ask staff and applicant (including applicant’s team) to raise their right hands to be sworn in. The City Attorney will then administer an oath. The City Attorney will ask each person to confirm audibly for the record that each speaker took the oath (all persons will identify themselves by name).

Thereafter, City staff will provide a presentation of the staff report and the Department recommendations, if any. Any power point presentations or documents shown or produced during the hearing shall be treated as evidence which the City Commission may consider in determining whether or not to approve the application. The applicant will then be provided the opportunity to make a presentation. Legal counsel for the applicant may make a presentation or assist with the applicant’s presentation. Then members of the public, during the public hearing portion of the agenda item hearing, may speak to the application and may cross-examine witnesses (including City staff, the applicant, and applicant’s team). During the Public Comments/Public Hearing portion of the meeting the City Attorney will individually swear in public speakers, who will acknowledge having taken the oath, and state their names for the record. Video of the virtual meeting will be streamed on the City’s website at, the City’s YouTube channel, and Dania Beach Comcast Channel 78. Additionally, a dedicated telephone line will be available so that any individual may listen to the meeting via telephone and may participate during the public comments portion of the hearing. If public comments were received in advance, they will be acknowledged by the City Clerk by mention of the names of those who submitted comments.

Once the public hearing is closed the Mayor and City Commission shall deliberate on the public hearing quasi-judicial item. A virtual quorum shall be required to take action on the application. Roll call vote of the City Commission shall be required.


NOTICE:  This meeting is open to the public. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, all persons who are disabled and who need special accommodations to participate in this meeting because of that disability should contact the Office of the City Clerk, 954-924-6800 ext. 3624, no later than two days prior to such proceeding.  Anyone wishing to appeal any decision made by the Dania Beach City Commission with respect to any matter considered at such meeting or hearing will need a record of the proceedings and, for such purpose, may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. Agenda items may be viewed online at