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Dania Beach Dolphins Football and Cheerleading Athletic Program
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Dania Beach Dolphins - Youth Football & Cheerleading Program

Ages 5 to 14
  1. Anthony Ifedi

    Athletic Director
    Phone: 954-924-3838

Dania Beach Dolphins Football & Cheerleading Home Game 2018

Welcome Dania Beach Dolphins & Other Sports

Dania Beach is set to revolutionize its sports program this year, starting by hiring an energetic athletic director who is fully committed to the programs, has focus and a sense of direction. His vision is going to pull the kids away from video games and back into the fields. We are excited that these children will compete and represent The City of Dania Beach. It’s the year of a new generation of athletes in the making.
Dania Beach Dolphins Football and Cheerleading Athletic Program

The Dania Beach Dolphins, the newest football and cheerleading team, was revealed in May 2018. The team already has 70 football players and 35 cheerleaders registered. Ages 4 to 14, they are already practicing at C.W. Thomas Park Mondays through Fridays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to prepare to compete locally. C.W. Thomas Park will be the team’s central location but they will also be practicing at Frost Park and P.J. Meli Park.

 “We are trying to bring back good traditional football and cheerleading in regards to working with the youth throughout the city,” says Athletic Director Anthony Ifedi. “Giving them something to do, giving them activities to look forward to and bringing back a sense of urgency when it comes to football.”

The Dania Beach Dolphins will be a first-class program! As part of the National Youth Football League, NYFL, the Dolphins will compete for championships this season in ten games, five at home and five away, then onto the playoffs.  

Now that the programs are run and operated by the city, it allows us to have more funding, explains Ifedi.  We’re now able to do a little bit more with the equipment, and give the players everything they need to be successful.  The City is able to budget for these things and give them the tools they need.

Dania Beach Dolphins Football Cheeleading The Dania Beach Dolphins got their name, a new logo, new sets of home and away jerseys, a packed up schedule for the season, a line-up of qualified coaches and trainers, and a lot of expectations to become the future stars of Dania Beach.

“With the new logo and the new look, we are definitely going in the right direction,” says Parks and Recreation Director Hakeem Ismail. He sees a great improvement from where it used to be. Everything is well organized and people are having a lot of fun. The program even has booster clubs with parents whose children are playing and cheerleading.

“We’re trying to make the program a first-class program,” explains Ifedi with a smile. “From the coaches, to park staff, to the kids, everything needs to be first-class! As teenagers, as young men and young women, their minds can go a little bit everywhere. But the city is now able to offer them something to do all year long so these kids can roll over to the seasons and can always find something they can participate in.”

The Dania Beach Parks and Recreation Sports Programs will offer football and soccer programs in the fall, basketball, t-ball, baseball and softball in the spring and track and field in the spring and summer. Adult Leagues will be available soon.

“We’re giving people something to do right here within the city. The millennials can stay home and play video games or be on their cell phones but they can also be outside and participate in some kind of activity, various sports, baseball, t-ball… We want to give them something to do year round,” says Ifedi.

The Parks and Recreation Department staff are giving all their support to help the programs succeed.

Sports build confident leaders. It builds character, dedication, leadership, and teamwork.

That’s what’s happening today in Dania Beach Athletics.

Go Dania Beach Dolphins 2018! Make us proud!

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By Katia Bordy, Public Information Officer


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