Backflow and Cross-Connection Control Program

Every drinking water system in Florida must have a cross connection control program, more commonly known as a backflow prevention program. (See Section 62-555.360 Cross Connection Control for Public Water Systems)

Backflow prevention is designed to protect the public water supply from contamination from customer’s plumbing systems. For more information about backflow prevention, please visit the Florida DEP

Who is managing the City’s Backflow Program?

The City of Dania Beach has contracted with Aqua Backflow to manage its cross connection control/backflow program. Beginning April 15, 2017 all backflow test results should be submitted online at All backflow preventer testers must register at the above website for free. You will be issued a user name and password for online access. If you have questions or need further information , please visit their website at You may contact Aqua Backflow directly at 847-742-2296 or email :


Cross Connection Control (Backflow) Program

The City of Dania Beach has elected to move forward with an eco-friendly online Cross Connection Control (backflow preventer) tracking program. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) requires every water supplier to develop and implement a comprehensive cross connection control program for the elimination of existing cross connections and prevention and protection from all future cross connections.

Backflow preventers may be found at any number of locations on your water systems. Typically, most commercial customers will have backflow preventers just after the water meter and also on wet fire protection systems. They may also have lawn irrigation systems which require backflow protection. Note, too, that there may be other water connections throughout commercial or industrial facilities that also require backflow protection.

Residential backflow preventers may exist or be required on lawn irrigation systems, wet fire protections systems, hot water heating (boiler) systems, swimming pool fills, water features, etc.  Backflow preventers may also be required if there is another water source on the site such as a well, pond, river, etc.

Backflow preventers are the property of the water customer and the responsibility lies with the customer for annual testing and maintenance. The water customer must contract with a licensed tester to perform the required annual tests. Most local plumbers are certified to test backflow preventers.

The contractor hired to implement and oversee Dania Beach’s backflow program is the firm of Aqua Backflow. They specialize in cross connection control management. Aqua Backflow can be reached at 847-742-2296 with any questions. Dania Beach Public Services Department can be reached at 954-924-6808 ext. 3741 or 3742.

The Dania Beach Cross Connection Control Program is designed to safeguard public health.  We ask for your cooperation with our program, its enforcement, and any requests for information that come from Aqua Backflow or City staff.

What is a cross-connection?

Cross-connection refers to any actual or potential physical connection between a potable water line and any pipe, vessel or machine containing a non-potable fluid or has the possibility of containing a non-potable fluid, solid or gas that could potentially enter the potable water system by backflow.

What is backflow?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of water, liquids, mixtures or substances into the public water distribution pipe system from any source or sources.

When might backflow occur?

Inadequate plumbing and events such as water main breaks or fire hydrant use can contribute to backflow conditions. Backflow may also occur when pressure in the property owner’s equipment is greater than the pressure in the drinking water line.

What is a backflow prevention assembly?

Backflow prevention assemblies are designed to prevent contaminated water or chemicals from a property flowing back into the public drinking water supply system.

Why are backflow prevention assemblies required?

Backflow prevention assemblies are an important component of the City’s drinking water protection program and are legally mandated under Florida rules for those water service lines identified as posing a risk to the public water supply.

What is the cost of backflow prevention assemblies?

Installation costs vary depending on the assembly and selected licensed plumbers' labor costs. The City also requires a plumbing permit to install these devices. The investment to install and maintain the assembly is minimal compared to the potential public safety hazard and liability of a backflow incident. It is a State requirement in order to protect the potable water supply for everyone.

What if I don’t comply with local, state and federal mandates?

Your water service will be terminated to protect the public water system.