Marine Advisory Board

(5 Members – 1 per Commissioner – Term consistent with the duration of the term of the appointing Commissioner) 
The City Commission adopted Ordinance #16-91, establishing the Marine Advisory Board to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Commission, on May 14, 1991. This Ordinance created Chapter 2, Article VI, of the City of Dania Beach Code of Ordinances. 


The purpose of this Board is to consider any subject matter pertaining to the waterways within the City this it considers appropriate, and make recommendations to the City Commission. 

Membership & Qualifications 

The Board shall consist of five (5) regular members appointed by the City Commission.  Each Commissioner shall appoint one (1) member who has been a resident of the City for at least six (6) months.  It is recommended that the appointees be engaged in a marine related business or have prior marine related business experience. 

Financial Disclosure 

Members of this Board are not required to file a Financial Disclosure Form. 

Terms of Office

Each appointee shall serve a term consistent with the duration of the term of the appointing Commissioner and without compensation at the pleasure of the City Commission of the City of Dania Beach.
Any member missing three (3) meetings without obtaining excused absences from the Board shall automatically be removed from the Board and replaced in the same manner in which that member was originally appointed. (Resolution #2005-187) 

Rules & Procedures
  • The Board shall select its own Chairperson and Secretary, unless the Chairperson is designated by the City Commission. 
  • It is suggested that the Board meet not less than once a month, and more frequently if business requires. Notice of the meetings shall be given by the Chairperson or his/her representative. 
  • Unexcused absence by any Board member from two (2) consecutive meetings, or any three (3) consecutive absences shall constitute an automatic resignation of such member.  Failure to have quorum to hold a meeting shall be considered an unexcused absence. 
  • Three (3) members of the Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board, but no action shall be binding when taken by the Board except at a meeting as provided in this section and recorded in the minutes of the meeting. 
  • A record of the Board’s proceedings shall be made and kept by the Secretary and shall be open to inspection at all times. 
  • All meetings shall be open to the press and general public and all persons desiring to appear before the Board shall be given reasonable time to present their views on any matter being considered by the Board. 
  • The Chairperson shall act as presiding officer at all meeting of the Board, but may designate another member to preside as Chairman Pro Tempore during the Chairperson’s absence. 
  • A written report shall be submitted to the City Commission not less than once each three (3) month period setting for the matters considered by the Board along with the Board’s recommendations to the City Commission. A copy of the minutes of each meeting shall be submitted to the City Manager. 

Duties & Responsibilities 

The Board may consider any relevant marine related subject matter it considers appropriate, and is specifically directed to consider and make recommendations on the following subjects: 

  • Conditions of waterways and needed corrections, including a study of the most feasible and economical method of maintaining the depths of waterways within the City. 
  • Waterway safety and traffic control on waterways. 
  • Activities of waterways patrol. 
  • Operation of privately owned marinas. 
  • Operation of small boat docking areas. 
  • Hurricane procedures. 
  • Instructional Schools. 
  • Relations with the Coast Guard. 
  • Regulation of waterskiing and surfboarding. 
  • Operation of excursion boats. 
  • Regulation of boat docking in public navigable waters. 
  • Regulation of water and boat shows and boat races. 
  • Service operation of the City Marinas, boat launching, docks, etc. 
  • Traffic conditions under bridges. 
  • Sanitation problems and proposed ordinances governing effluents discharged from boats. 
  • Advertising and publicity. 
  • Marine business enhancement.