Beach Ocean Rescue Lifeguards

Dania Beach Ocean Rescue Logo
Ocean Park Beach, Fishing Pier, Marina Dania Beach

The City Of Dania Beach Professional Ocean Rescue Department. EST. 1957
Michael Huck, Chief Ocean Lifeguard
email / Phone: 954-924-3704
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Junior Lifeguard Summer Camp 

Ocean Rescue Summer Fun for kids ages 7 to 17. Learn First Aid, Water Safety and Ocean Water Skills. Surfing, Paddle Boarding and Kayaking. Nature and Environmental Awareness.

"The year 2016 was our first year for the Junior Lifeguard Program here in Dania and we're super excited to have it! It's such a good way for the kids to learn what we do out here. The kids get to learn medical skills, rescue towards each other and it's a great fitness for them too. They're outside, they're not on video games..." ~ Alice Henley, Ocean Rescue Lifeguard, EMT.

"We're just trying to teach kids ocean awareness, environmental science and just good ocean skills to be more comfortable on the water." ~ Michael Huck, Chief of Ocean Rescue