The Dania Beach City Commission

  1. Lori Lewellen Dania Beach


    Lori Lewellen
    Phone: 954-993-6283

  1. Lauren Odman Dania Beach


    Lauren Odman
    Phone: 954-939-1826

  1. Chickie Brandimarte Dania Beach


    Chickie Brandimarte

  1. Bill Harris Dania Beach


    Bill Harris 
    Phone: 954-670-9985

  1. Tamara James Dania Beach


    Tamara James

    Phone: 954-258-7552

About The Dania Beach City Commission:

Five Commission Members are elected at large on a non-partisan basis for four year terms. The candidate with the highest number of votes serves as the Mayor. The Commission appoints the City Manager, who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is responsible for implementing policies adopted by the City Commission. 

The City Commission determines policy, adopts legislation, approves the City’s budget, levies taxes, and sets fees.