Bulk Pickup

The City of Dania Beach Public Services Department oversees the bulk pickup services provided by Waste Management. The bulk waste is collected each month in the dates provided below.  Refer to the Bulk Pickup Schedule Map to determine your bulk pickup days. 
  • DO NOT place curbside earlier than 24 hours prior to scheduled pick-up date. Failure to abide by this regulation will result in a fine issued to the property owner, in addition to recovering cost associated with removal of the trash.
  • Bulk pickup is for six cubic yards maximum.
  • Special bulk pickup can also be arranged for a charge by calling Waste Management. Do not put out material until arrangements have been made. Please contact Waste Management at (954) 974-7500. 
  • Commercial and multi-family dwellings are excluded from bulk pickup service. 

Keep Dania Beach Clean and Beautiful

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  1. Corry Taylor

    Public Services Superintendent
    Phone: 954-924-6808 x3748

Dania Beach Bulk Pickup Map - Help Keep Dania Beach Clean and Beautiful

Acceptable Bulk Material

(Maximum of 6 cubic yards per pick-up / One cubic yard is the size of a washing machine.)
  • Brush: Tree branches, palm fronds and shrubbery, cut to a maximum of four feet in length. Material must be piled neatly. 
  • Household Items: Furniture: Box springs, mattresses, sofas, carpeting, patio furniture, metal, or barbecue grill (no propane tanks). Dishwasher, washer, dryer, stove, water heater, refrigerator (door must be removed) and air conditioners (Freon must be removed).
  • Loose materials: Flower pots, old garbage cans, solid containers.

Prohibited Material or Household Hazardous Waste
Any liquids (fuel, paint, oil, etc.), automotive / boat components (tires, engines...), explosives, hazardous waste, radioactive material, roofing materials, and construction/demolition debris (concrete, tile, drywall, toilet, sink...)  are not acceptable.

To dispose of construction/demolition materials, go to The Broward County Landfill

To dispose of Hazardous Waste and Electronics, go to Broward County's drop-off station.
located at 5490 Reese Road, Davie, FL. Open Saturday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Bring proof of residency.

Dania Beach, Florida - Code of Ordinances PART II - CODE OF ORDINANCES Chapter 13 - HEALTH AND SANITATION