Planning & Zoning Division

The Planning & Zoning Division is responsible for reviewing proposed duplex, townhouse, apartment, commercial, and industrial development (and redevelopment) for compliance with the Zoning Code, Comprehensive Plan, and Community Redevelopment Area Plan.  

Planning & Zoning Division provides recommendations to the Planning & Zoning Board and City Commission regarding rezoning requests, land use plan amendments, site plans, plats, variance and special exception requests, and design variations, waivers, vacations and delegations requests. It also periodically updates the zoning code and comprehensive plan pursuant to State Law and as directed by the City Commission.  Staff supports the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board and City Commission.

Contact Planning & Zoning
If I have questions regarding zoning regulations applicable to existing commercial, industrial or warehouse buildings, or would like to know if your business is permitted in the city, or regarding zoning regulations concerning single family homes (including sheds, additions, fences, swimming pools, patios, etc) please contact Planning and Zoning at 954-924-6800 x3793

For questions regarding all other development (apartments, commercial, industrial, and vacant land) please contact the Planning & Zoning Manager at 954-924-6800 x3704
  1. RZ-104-19 Bryan Road Rezoning

    RZ-104-19: Bryan Road Rezone, 2nd Reading

    The applicant, Stephanie J. Toothaker, Esq, P.A. and Nectaria Chakas, Esq. with Lochrie & Chakas, P.A. on behalf of Dania Beach Marina Corp., NV Marina Holdings LLC, RJ Marina Holdings LLC and Project USA LLC, is requesting to rezone various properties. Read on...
  2. WA-135-19 Suriani

    WA-135-19 Suriani; Alcohol Distance Waiver

    WA-135-19: The applicant, Stephen Suriani on behalf of the property owner 3088 Griffin Road, L.L.C., is requesting an alcoholic beverage waiver for the property located at 3088 Griffin Road. Read on...