Dania Beach Broward's First City Incorporated 1904
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OASIS Project
Dania Beach OASIS Projects Map
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Welcome 2 OASIS Dania Beach SignWhat is OASIS? 

Dania Beach was the first incorporated city in Broward County. The City has a vibrant history, and has for many years focused on improving the physical quality of the City’s neighborhoods and improving the quality of life for its residents and visitors. The purpose of these efforts is to foster neighborhood stability, reduce crime and alleviate blight. Dania Beach’s latest revitalization approach is the Oasis Project, an incremental effort designed to improve specific streets with the goal of fostering neighborhood pride and improvement, and through a “ripple effect” induce owners and tenants in the City to work together to beautify the City, to increase property values, and to reduce crime. At its core, the Oasis Program is a pro-active approach to crime prevention by making improvements to residential and public property to deter low level crime, anti-social behavior and property neglect through a parternship between the target community and the City of Dania Beach.
  • Infrastructure improvement;
  • Improvements to private property through volunteerism;
  • Increased voluntary code compliance and building department review;
  • Improvements to public landscaping, street lighting, and streetscaping;
  • Signage and boundary setting;
  • Possible changes in vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns;
  • Increased citizen involvement and cooperation;
  • Increased law enforcement attention, as necessary.

Oasis Projects
  • Oasis 1 – SW 3rd Avenue
  • Oasis 2 – SW 28th Terrace
  • Oasis 3 – SW 24th Avenue (CDBG)
  • Oasis 4 – SE 2nd Street 
  • Oasis 5 – NE 1st Court & NE 2nd Avenue (CDBG)
  • Oasis 6 – SW 4th Street & SW 9th Street
  • Oasis 7 – NW 11th Avenue
  • Oasis 8 – Melaleuca Gardens
  • Oasis 9 - Davis Isles & Monroe Udell Street
  • Oasis 10 - NW 10th Court
  • Oasis 11 - SW 40th Avenue 

Dania Beach has implemented the Oasis Project under the guidance of City staff and in collaboration with the continued assistance of the Faculty and Students of Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geomatics Engineering and the guidance of Prof. Fred Bloetscher, PHD. 

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