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A Penny at Work
A Penny at Work
On the ballot this November are two one-half percent (or 0.5 cent per dollar) sales surtax questions. One 0.5 cent sales surtax is proposed to fund countywide transportation projects and the other 0.5 cent sales surtax is proposed to fund infrastructure projects. Together, they represent a one percent sales surtax, which is the equivalent of one penny per dollar spent. These two ballot questions are linked together, so that both must pass in order for either to take effect. If only one ballot measure passes, then neither will be implemented. The funds generated by the combined one penny sales surtax will be used to fund a variety of projects such as enhanced transit options, traffic signal synchronization, water and sewer improvements (pipes and treatment plants), drainage improvements to address street flooding issues, and senior mobility. Both sales surtaxes would expire after 30 years.

The one-half percent sales surtax revenues for countywide transportation projects will go to Broward County for improvements to the County’s transportation system, including traffic signalization, county roadways, intersection improvements, senior mobility options and public transportation (buses and rail). The one-half percent sales surtax for infrastructure projects will go to the municipalities (cities, towns, villages, etc.) in Broward for the construction of capital improvements to public buildings and facilities, the purchase of equipment and public safety vehicles, local road and transportation projects and improvements (to be coordinated with County transportation projects), pedestrian safety projects, and recreation/conservation land acquisition. For the last 10 years of the 30 year infrastructure surtax, 60 percent will continue to go to municipalities for infrastructure while 40 percent of the infrastructure surtax funds will go to Broward County to assist in funding capital investments in the County’s regional transportation system. Information on the types of projects planned is provided on the Interactive Map and Proposed Projects pages. These projects are based on public needs and demands.


Dania Beach Projects
A Penny At Work 4 Dania Beach

A Penny at Work Interactive Map: http://www.apennyatwork.com/interactive-map

  • West Dania Beach Blvd Bridge – Design and construction of new bridge over the C-10 Canal on West Dania Beach Blvd
  • Beach Pavement and Parking Improvements – An annual program to regularly resurface and apply pavement markings through City roadways
  • CW Thomas – Synthetic Football Turf – Installation of synthetic turf on portions of the play field at C.W. Thomas Park
  • Beach Redevelopment – Rehabilitation of existing restroom, new crossovers, dune redevelopment, landscaping, and new sidewalks
  • Frost Park Laser Grade – Regrading of the playing field
  • Olsen Middle School Grass Options – Improvements to 7 acres of new open space created from the demolition of surplus buildings on the Olsen Middle School site
  • NW 1st Avenue Watermain and Roadway Improvements – Watermain replacement, upgrade from 8″ to 12″ watermain, roadway resurfacing, parallel parking, and sidewalk improvements
  • Melaleuca Water Main Replacement and Roadway Improvements – Watermain replacement to enhance fire protection, provides for road restoration, and minor drainage work.
  • Citywide Lift Station Rehabilitation – Lift station upgrades and telemetry (SCADA) installation to the sanitary sewer system
  • Healthy Community Zone – Sidewalk improvements and safety enhancements to schools walking routes
  • MPO/TAP Grant Project – Neighborhood sidewalk and right-of-way improvements
  • Building Rehabilitation/Repairs to various public building including City Hall – Roof repair, equipment repair, repainting and minor repairs
  • Fleet Modernization – Acquisition of new service vehicles and equipment
  • Sanitary Sewer Forcemain Upgrades – Sanitary forcemain upgrades
  • Inflow and Infiltration Program – Reduce sanitary sewer overflows and sewer back-ups by reducing/eliminating storm water inflow and groundwater infiltration into the City’s sanitary sewer collection system
  • AMR System and Water Meter Replacement – Installation of automatic meter reader (AMR) system and water meter replacement
  • SE Stormwater Drainage System – Stormwater pump installation and improvement of stormwater conveyance system
  • SE/SW Avenue Watermain Replacement – Watermain replacement on SE 2 Avenue from SE 14 Street to East Dania Beach Blvd, portion of Old Dixie Highway

November Ballot Language
The images below show the language that will be on the November ballot regarding the sales taxes. The Broward Supervisor of Elections provides the ballot language in English, Spanish, and Creole. The translation to Portuguese is provided for information only. The ballot will not be translated into Portuguese on Election Day.


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