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  1. Dania Beach Sand Renourishment

    Beach Sand Renourishment

    Dania Beach’s critically eroded beach will be renourished starting Feb. 18th to March 15th. A total of 125,000 cubic yards of beach-quality sand will be placed on the shoreline during the Broward County Segment III beach renourishment project. Read on...
  2. 1.25.19 PR Deferred utility payments for furloughed Federal employees

    Dania Beach Furloughed Federal Employees Eligible for Utility Payment Assistance

    The City of Dania Beach is pleased to offer utility payment deferments for residents experiencing hardship due to the federal government shutdown. Federal employee residents may qualify for a deferred payment plan to ease their financial burden. Read on...
  1. Saratoga Detour Dania Beach

    Saratoga Falls East W. Dania Beach Blvd Street Closure

    Street closures are in effect around Saratoga Falls East from 1/23/19 to 3/6/19. Saratoga Falls East, 705 W. Dania Beach Blvd., started civil work which requires closing the street for a period of approximately 6 weeks. Please use the detour. Thank you. Read on...
  2. Dania Beach Advisory Boards

    Advisory Board Appointments

    Currently Accepting Applications. Appointments will be made by the City Commission. Read on...
  1. Proposed Intersection striping Old Griffin / Bryan Intersection Construction in Dania Beach

    Bryan Intersection Road Closure

    Closure date from 01/21/19 through 05/01/19 Full closure of the Old Griffin Road / Bryan Road intersection. No Thru traffic provided. See Detour Routes on Map Below. Read on...
  2. Dania Beach Bulk Pickup Map 2019

    Bulk Pickup Schedule 2019

    Refer to the Bulk Pickup Schedule Map to determine your bulk pickup days. The bulk waste is collected each month on the dates provided. Read More >